We will harbor you





Ellen Pence
MN Domestic Abuse Act 1978
Governor Perpich signing
Kids at Women's Advocates
back entrance, 1970's
Women's Advocates' resident
on the phone, 1970's
We Will Harbor You
A 58 MINUTE VIDEO/DVD in progress

Our documentary video presents an amazing group of Minnesota women whose actions and leadership over 40 years ago helped start a world wide movement -- The Battered Women's Movement. In 1972 they incorporated as Women's Advocates and in 1974 they opened the first shelter for women victims of domestic violence - women who had nowhere else to go.

With ideals and principles that grew directly out of the Civil Rights, Vietnam War, and Women's Rights movements, these founding women brought the dirty secret to light and its reality to bear on every state institution in their path. Its reality became a stranger no more to the civil and criminal justice systems, and similar initiatives exploded into motion all across the western world, as if by density of rage in the air close to the ground where these women worked.

Even more importantly, they began the work of educating society at large on battered women's issues. In this short span of 40-plus years, "mountains have been moved", as one woman put it, but our strength for the future will come from the lessons learned. We invite you into the stories in this video - tools for the long view!









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