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Kathleen Laughlin
Kathleen Laughlin
K laughlin, Terri Hawthorne
K. Laughlin, Terri Hawthorne
About Us

Laughlin/Hawthorne Productions, an informal partnership, is a research, production and distribution team organized solely for this project. Kathleen Laughlin is an independent film/video producer with a background as a producer at KTCA Public Television in St. Paul, MN, and many documentaries on her resume. Terri Berthiaume Hawthorne is an educator, scholar, artist, and administrator. It has been her dream for years, to gather the stories of the founding of the Battered Women's Movement and to capture this wealth of information, history and inspiration onto videotape while the elders in the story are still working, willing, and able to talk to us on camera. Terri will assume the lead in research gathering, community networking, and subject analysis, while Kathleen will take the lead in production planning and execution.

Our production crews have included many talented professional freelancers in the community. Among them are: Susan Bacig, Rosemary Davis, Kay DiMarco, Matt Ehling, Bob Foucault, Steve Kahlenbeck, Juli Manser, Ossian Or, Roger Schmitz, Bob Vaaler, and volunteer production assistants Karen Miller, Sonya 'Sonny' Tormoen and Alexis Cairn.

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