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Ellen Pence
Sheila Wellstone

Press Conference,
Paul & Sheila Wellstone
and others, Women's
Advocates' 25th, 1999

Bernice Sisson showing her
quilt at Capitol rally
Endorsements, Advisors
and Supporters

We are grateful for generous interviews, information, support, donations, and advice from many people. These include many of the founding mothers of Women's Advocates and the Minnesota Battered Women's Movement who began the work of changing society's views on battered women's issues. In this short span of 40 years, "mountains have been moved" as one woman put it, but evaluating the lessons we have learned will be our strength for the future.

Special thanks to:

Cyndi Cook & Liz Richards, Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women, MCBW
Monica Erler
Bernice Sisson, MN Network on Abuse in Later Life
Char Thompson, MN Network on Abuse in Later Life
Sharon Rice Vaughan, Metropolitan State University, Minnesota

We have received endorsements, advice, donations, interview time or support from the following: (Supporters are listed with the organizations and agencies they represented at the time of our contact or before.)

Nancy Adair
Ellen Ade
, St. Paul Intervention Project
Sandy Agustín, Intermedia Arts of MN
Shelley Ainsworth and Jeffrey Sass
Jean Alaspa
Sen Ellen Anderson, Minnesota Senate
Verna Alt
Alumni Office, MN State University, Mankato
Alumni Office, Metropolitan State University
Aurora Pictures, Inc
Susan Bacig

Nancy Bagshaw-Reasoner, Metropolitan State University
Sgt. Carolen Bailey, St. Paul Police Dept
Tracey Baker, Minnesota History Center
Lurline Baker-Kent, MN Department of Corrections
Ysaye M. Barnwell, Sweet Honey in the Rock
Nancy Beckett
Kenyari Bellfield
, Harriet Tubman Shelter, Minneapolis
Edwin Beylerian
Amy Blumenshine
Jan Borofka
Helen Bowers

Aviva Breen, MN Commission on the Economic Status of Women and MN Advocates for Human Rights
Mary Britton
Sandra Brophy
Diane Brown
Peter P. Bundy

Barb Burleigh
Rev. Joy Bussert
, Immanuel Lutheran Church, St. Paul
Ann Baker Cader
Michelle Cain
Alexis Cairns
Carol and Mick Caouette
Nancy Chakrin
Eleanor Clark
Shelley Johnson Cline and Michael Cline
, St. Paul Intervention Project
Nicha Coates
Neena Cohen
Carol Connolly
Dorothy Crabb
Nick Crawford
, The New French Bakery
Lucinda Crofton
Molly Culligan
Marilyn Cuneo
Patricia Darling and Roger Grabowski
Sandy Davidson
, Praxis Internation, TC
Rosemary Davis
Rosario Delatorre
, Casa de Esperanza
Nancy Dement, St. Paul Intervention Project
Ed Dickinson
Marcel Diedrich
Jeff and Charlotte Disch
Sally Dixon
Mary Theresa Downing
Joan Drury
Sue Duffy and Myron Anderson
Martha Eaves
, Southern MN Regional Legal Services-St. Paul
Matt Ehling
Karla Ekdahl
Gayla Ellis
Rep. Matt Entenza
, MN House of Representatives
David Erler
Monica Erler
M. Liliana Esponaburu
, Casa De Esperanza
Erin Taylor Ewald
Ann Falk
John Fenn/Jill Breckenridge
Beverly Ferguson
, Metropolitan State University
Carole Fisher
Barb Fitzpatrick
Rita Foster, Hope Community
Bob Foucault
Loretta Frederick, Battered Women's Justice Project
Katherine Froehlich
Libby Frost
John Fulton
, Minnesota History Center
Jane Galbraith
Denise Gamache
, Battered Women's Justice Project
Mary Gates
Connie Sponsler Garcia
, Battered Women's Justice Project
Judith Gavin
Cynthia Gehrig
, The Jerome Foundation
Molly Gillen, Women's Advocates
Susana Gluck
Nancy Gormley
Susan Hill Gross
Daniel Gumnit
, Intermedia Arts of MN
Pat Haga
Janet Hagberg,
Silent Witness Program
Nor Hall
Grace Harkness
, MN Women's Consortium
Kay Harvey
John & Deb Hawthorne
Jeff and Sheila Hawthorne
Jim and Lisa Hawthorne
Mike Hazard
Peter Heege
, Intermedia Arts of MN
Jan Hively, Vital Aging Network
Stephanie Horvath
Harriet Horwitz
Eileen Hudon
Mary and John Hunt
, Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights
Ruth Ellen Jacobson/Sarah Jacobson
Lyndall Johnson
Mazi Johnson
, St. Paul Intervention Project
Catherine Jordan and Steve Lick
Ember Reichgott Junge
, MN State Senator
John Kalbrener
Shana Kaplow
Barb Keating
, MN State University, Mankato
Miriam Kelen
Hon Mary Louise Klas
Karen Klinefelter
Howard Kling and Paula Mollin
Teresa Konechne
Diane Knust

Lydia Kulesov
Anne Marie Kronick
Leonard Kurz,
Kurz Family Foundation
Cynthia La Coeur
Rita C. LaDoux
Steve Larson
Michelle Lee
Becci and Kevin Leonard
Deborah LeSueur and Matt Siegal
Carolyn Levy
Lu Lippold
Connie Lewis
, Sheila Wellstone Institute
Raeone Loscalzo, Women's Advocates
Sen Becky Lourey, MN Senate
Pacyinz Lyfoung
Alice Lynch
, BIHA Women in Action
Phyllis MacDougal
Char Madigan, Hope Community
Polly Mann
Carrie Manty
Ann Marshall,
Praxis International TC
Elva Martinez
Jane McDonald and Colleen O'Malley
Nancy McKillips
, Metropolitan State University
Renee McGrath, St. Paul Intervention Project
Rebecca McLane and Richard Pemberton, St. Paul Intervention Project
Karla Melvin
Debbie Mille
r, MN History Center
Karen Miller
Kathleen Moore
Donna Moores
, Women's Advocates
Alison Morse
Pat Murphy
, Home Free, Inc
Deb (Pick) Nelson
Rachel Nelson, BardLive Music/Rising Sun Productions
Sgt Chris Nelson, St. Paul Police Dept
Ann Newhart
Scott Norman
, BBC World Wide
Patricia Olson
Carol Olyphant
Ellen O'Neill
, Robert Lewis House and Community Foundation
Ossian Or
Elizabeth O'Sullivan
, St. Paul Intervention Project
Sage Passi
Rep. Michael Paymar
, MN House of Representatives
Walker Pearce and Jack Weatherford
Ellen Pence
, Praxis International, Domestic Abuse Intervention Project
Deanna Phillips
Nancy Phillips, Women's Advocates
Robin Phillips, MN Advocates for Human Rights
Jane Powers
Jeri Rasmussen
Jane and Jack Reagan
Nancy Rice
Naima Richmond
Iweda Riddle
y, MN Coalition for Battered Women
Isabel Rife
Clara Rischall
Fransisca Rosenthal
Nina and Ken Rothchild

Susan Ryan, Women's Advocates
Mary Sandberg
Neala Schleuning
Roger Schmitz
Kate Searls and Dan Rybeck
Monica Searls
Ali and Robin Selim

Lupe Serrano, Casa de Esperanza
Lois Severson, Women's Advocates
Karon Sherarts
Joan Shiva
Claire Simonson
Tara and Ritadhwada Singh
Angela Sisson
Sisters of Notre Dame
Eleanor and Don Solem
Mark Stanley
Karen Starr
, Otto Bremer Foundation
Ruth Ann Starr
Rita Steinhagen
Patricia Stillwell
Virginia Sturgeon
Sandra Menefee Taylor
Marina Telfer
Rose Thelen and Chuck Derry
, Gender Violence Institute
Sheryl Thomas, MN Advocates for Human Rights
Julie Tilley, Praxis International TC
Margery and Sheldon Torgerson
Cheri Townsend
Michael Troutman
Miroslava Turk
Robert Vaaler
Janika Vandervelde
Sharon Rice Vaughan
Arlana Vaughn, AVA Special
Mary Vogel
Hon. Rosalie E. Wahl
Carolyn Wall
Laura Waterman Wittstock
Bonnie Watkins
, MN Women's Consortium
Deb Wallwork
Bonnie Watkins
, Minnesota Women's Consortium
Susan Weisman
Senator Paul and Sheila Wellstone
Mary Wilmes
Bonnie Wilson
, MN History Center
Josie Winship
Sally Wingert
Lisbet Levy Wolf
, Women's Advocates
Women's Foundation of MN
Nancy Wrobel
John P. and Eleanor R. Yackel Foundation

Jim Yeager, Children's Home Society
Judge Lloyd Zimmerman and Rebecca Palmer

Staff of the Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women (MCBW)
Staff of the St. Paul Intervention Project
Staff of the Paul Wellstone Senate Office (formerly)
Staff of Praxis International



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