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Ellen Pence
Ellen Pence
Capitol Rally, 2002
Sen. Ember Reichgott-Junge
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Crisis Information

See The Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women, MCBW http://www.mcbw.org/
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, NCADV http://www.ncadv.org/
The Day One Center: http://www.dayonecenter.org/- general info http://dayonecenter.org/process.htm - if you are in need of a shelter

Defense attorney explains domestic violence crimes and how to spot abusers.


The Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women, MCBW http://www.mcbw.org/
The Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women is a statewide membership program of local, regional, and statewide organizations advocating on behalf of battered women and their children. Their mission is to end violence. They compile a yearly femicide report ondeath in Minnesota due todomestic violence. Includes information and links to Minneota shelters and programs, Twin Cities resources and other state wide Domestic Violence Coalitions.

Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse, MINCAVA http://www.mincava.umn.edu/
The mission of the Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse supports research, education, and access to violence related resources. Site includes: Electronic Clearinghouse / The Link Research Project / Violence Against Women Online Resources VAWnet (Applied Research Forum) / Minnesota Rural Project for Women and Child Safety. Director: Jeffrey L. Edleson, PhD

MINCAVA - School of Social Work at the University of Minnesota
105 Peters Hall, 1404 Gortner Avenue
St. Paul, Minnesota 55108-6142 USA
tel: 612-624-0721 fax: 612-625-4288


THE DAY ONE CENTER, INC. http://dayonecenter.org/index.htm - general info http://dayonecenter.org/process.htm - if you are in need of a shelter.
One call, One result: Your safety. The mission of The Day One Center, Inc. is to provide access to safety for battered women and their children, to break down barriers battered women face on "Day One" -- the first 24 hours after being hit or hurt, a time when a survivor is making every effort to save herself and the lives of her children.

1) Wherever you are in Minnesota, call 1-866-223-1111. You will be automatically connected with the closest safe place in your area. 2) Talk: While on the telephone, you will only have to tell your story one time, to one person. 3) Get Here: You will get precise directions, or if you need a ride - wherever you are - one will be arranged for you. 4) Be Safe: Arrive at a safe place with your children and be safe from harm.

If you feel someone you know is in danger or is being hurt, please help her now. If you need information on how to help, call 1-866-223-1111: your call will be answered by an advocate who can guide you through this process. Don't blame her. Don't judge her. Don't be afraid of hurt feelings or awkward discussions. Reach out to her as soon as possible. You could save her life and the lives of her children. (Sit down with her and call. If there is an incident, call 911 immediately.Day One was developed through a partnership of the Allina Health System Foundation, the Twin Cities United Way and Minnesota Battered Women Shelters.


Sheila Wellstone Institute http://www.wellstone.org/programs/sheila-wellstone-institute

Sheila Wellstone was an advocate, organizer, and national champion in the effort to end domestic violence in our communities. The Sheila Wellstone Institute continues her commitment to building power and visibility to ensure that ending violence against women and children is a national priority. The Sheila Wellstone Institute is a program of Wellstone Action and is located in their offices.

Wellstone Action http://www.wellstone.org/
2446 University Ave W Suite 170
Saint Paul, MN 55114
Phone: 651.645.3939
Fax: 651.645.5858


Women's Advocates, WA http://www.wadvocates.org/

Women's Advocates is one of the first houses in the United States to be designated as a shelter for battered women. The mission of Women's Advocates, Inc. is to eliminate violence in the lives of battered women and their children. The agency's goals are to assist women through shelter, support, information, advocacy, and education to successfully leave violent relationships; teach children and youth to use non-violent alternatives when relating to others; and change community attitudes about domestic violence through information and education.

For information or help / Si necesita ayuada llame
24-Hour Crisis Line 651-227-8284
588 Grand Avenue St. Paul, MN 55102
Business: 651.227.9966 Fax: 651.227.4786


Women's Rural Advocacy Programs (WRAP)

WRAP is a Minnesota grassroots, non-profit, collectively structured organization comprised of WRAP - Lyon County (also serving Lincoln County), WRAP - Redwood County, WRAP - Yellow Medicine County, and the Criminal Justice Intervention program. WRAP is dedicated to providing services for women and their children victimized by domestic violence. We are committed to bringing women's strengths together in creating empowerment where domestic violence exists, to help protect victims from further violence, and to educate communities and systems about the reality of violence in the home.


Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights, MAHR http://www.mnadvocates.org/
Womens Program
Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights
650 3rd Ave S, #550, Minneapolis, MN 55402-1940
Phone: (612) 341-3302 Fax: (612) 341-2971
Asylum Client Line: (612) 341-9845


The Stop Violence Against Women Website

Launched by MAHR in 2003, the STOPVAW website is a forum for information, advocacy and change. Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights developed this website as a tool for the promotion of women's human rights in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Mongolia, and the U.N. Protectorate of Kosovo. STOPVAW was developed with support from and in consultation with the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) and the Open Society Institute's Network Women's Program. This site addresses violence against women as one of the most pervasive human rights abuses worldwide. STOPVAW provides women's rights advocates with information and advocacy tools focused on ending the most endemic forms of violence against women in the region.


Battered Women's Justice Project, BWJP http://bwjp.org/
The mission of the Battered Women's Justice Project is to promote systemic change within community organizations and governmental agencies engaged in the civil and criminal justice response to domestic violence that creates true institutional accountability to the goal of ensuring safety for battered women and their families. To this end, BWJP undertakes projects on the local, state, national, and international levels. The Battered Women's Justice Project (BWJP) is a collaborative effort of three nationally respected organizations that have pioneered innovative civil and criminal justice responses to domestic violence.

Battered Women's Justice Project
1801 Nicollet Ave South, Suite 102
Minneapolis, MN 55403
p 800-903-0111, ext. 1
p 612-824-8768
f 612-824-8965

BWJP Defense Office
(National Clearinghouse for the Defense of Battered Women)
125 South 9th Street, Suite 302
Philadelphia, PA 19107
p 800-903-0111, ext. 3
p 215-351-0010
f 215-351-0779

National Center on Full Faith and Credit
1901 North Fort Myer Drive, Suite 1011
Arlington, VA 22209
p 800-903-0111, ext. 2
p 703-312-7922
f 703-312-7966


Praxis International http://www.praxisinternational.org
Praxis International, Inc. is a nonprofit research and training organization that works toward the elimination of violence in the lives of women and children. We work with local, statewide, and national reform initiatives to bridge the gap between what people need and what institutions provide. Since 1996, we have worked with advocacy organizations, intervention agencies, and inter-agency collaborations to create a clear and cooperative agenda for social change in their communities. Includes the Advocacy Learning Center and the Blueprint for Safety

179 Robie St E.
St Paul, MN 55107
(651) 699-8000
Fax 651-699-8001
Email contact: safetyaudit@praxisinternational.org

Duluth Office
206 West 4th Street, Suite 202
Duluth, MN 55806
Phone: (218) 525-0487
Fax: (218) 525-0445
E-mail: info@praxisinternational.org


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